Animal Emergency

Like many young girls growing up, Marissa developed a fondness for all things related to animals. Her interests in animal care started at an early age. She wanted a job where she could use strong client education skills, to help others, and spend time around adorable pets. Marissa is a Licensed Veterinary Technician at The Animal Doctors as well as a Certified Professional Pet Sitter. She is known to be cuddling with pets at all times of the day.

Marissa graduated from SUNY Delhi in 1996. She joined the hospital team in 2006. She has also completed coursework for professional dog training and pet sitting certification. Her pet sitting business Critter Sitters Personalized Pet Sitting Services continues to grow after 20 years. Personalized service is Marissa’s specialty and she does a great job in fulfilling both of these roles. When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs around the hospital, or around the county, Marissa enjoys spending time with her husband and animals. Her African Grey Ned-Bird was named after her favorite patient Ted-Bird. He brightens her days with comical talking, singing, and whistling. Their favorite game is to whistle the Indiana Jones theme song back and forth.