Animal Emergency

Research says “Clients care more about (who you are) then how long your resume is.” Marissa Murphy cares more about those loving, squishy, smooshy, pet kisses, and faces. If there is an older dog she is on the floor with a closer look at that “grey old beautiful face”. Of course if you are visiting our office with a puppy?-- be careful she will scoop them up and run away with them for cuddles and puppy selfies.

Speaking of Cuddles that was the name of her lifelong kitty love. Marissa wanted to always have a loving cat in her life. Her new kitty Jax was an unaltered male stray injured cat that a coworker brought to the animal doctors for help. the two of them were love at first site.

Marissa like most of the north country is a licensed technician that graduated from SUNY Canton in 2017. The difference?! She has graduated with honors on the Dean’s List and also has a 4 year bachelors in veterinary technology. While at SUNY Canton she did adopt a “perfect” older Lab named Thelma. She was an emaciated, neglected, Heartworm Positive, rescue. After a big turn around she is heartworm negative, a bit overweight (don’t tell her), and she loves lounging and belly rubs at home.

She is passionate about raising awareness and knowledge of adopting pets. As far back as high school Marissa volunteered at our local SPCA on a regular basis. Currently she lives at home with her netherland dwarf rabbit “Bella”and her human family too. Mom an occupational therapist, Dad a contractor, and her older brother, a lineman.