Animal Emergency

After a brief career in retail Dina knew she wanted a job where she could spend more time around adorable cats. Born and raised in Watertown and an Animal Dr’s client she joined our team in 1999. Her passion for animals shines through as our resident "cat whisperer." She is great at handling stressed cats in a gentle and comforting manner. Dina also enjoys working with geriatric patients and helping stray pets find homes. There are many areas that Dina excels in including, office management, reception, veterinary assistant, essentially our muscle as well as comic relief.

Dina shares her home with three cats, all of which were originally homeless strays. Stinkerbell, who actually has the sweetest disposition, is the oldest child with long hair and a great plume of a tail. She is often referred to as "Showgirl." Buttercup, the middle child is part Siamese with beautiful blue eyes. She is always getting into something and her nickname may as well be "What is the matter with you?" Trinity, better known as TT for "Tiny Terror," is the newest edition. She is a three-legged tuxedo cat whose disability does not stop her from getting into all sorts of mischief!

When she isn’t tending to her kitties needs Dina is very committed to a fit and active lifestyle. Kayaking is one of her favorite endeavors. She loves the outdoors, reading, listening to local music, and playing the piano.