Animal Emergency

Dr. Stephanie Young is a veterinarian and the owner of The Animal Doctors. Born and raised in southern New Jersey, it wasn’t hard for Dr. Young to develop an early love for animals. Helping and befriending horses became a way of life for her. At eight years of age, Dr. Young started taking care of horses at the farms she grew up riding at. Her love of these giant animals made it very clear to her that she was destined for a career in veterinary medicine.

After working as an accountant for two years Dr. Young realized that the business world didn’t suit her completely. She joined the Army to travel and work toward changing her career to veterinary medicine. She continued to work at small animal hospitals in her free time, ride horses, and go to school at night to prepare for veterinary school. Dr. Young started veterinary school at Kansas State University just shortly after finishing her five years of active duty military service.

Upon graduation in 2008 from KSU with a DVM Dr. Young had an additional research interest in public health, wound healing, and pharmacology. She enjoys teaching and educating young adults and clients about animal health and veterinary medicine. She particularly enjoys working closely with pet owners to serve their animal companions’ needs. She is currently serving on the Jefferson County Animal Cruelty Task Force, working to decrease overpopulation of animals with Spay Neuter Now, and is certified in Tui Na (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Massage).

Dr. Young moved to Watertown in 2010 with her husband Joe while he was stationed at Fort Drum. They have three children Alexander, Colton, and Roran that are very active in sports and taking care of the animals on their small family farm. Scott the cat, is a funny short eared Scottish Fold, Louie otherwise known as “King Louie” the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Buckle was the first pony in the family that has now inspired Dr. Young and her family to begin riding and horse showing again. Harrison, the new pony will be Roran’s prize winner in the future. They also have a miniature donkey aptly named Donkey Girl. A sweet old donkey that moved in as well and helps watch over the place.