Animal Emergency

Dr. Stephanie Young

Dr. Stephanie Young is a veterinarian and the owner of The Animal Doctors. Born and raised in southern New Jersey, it wasn’t hard for Dr. Young to develop an early love for animals. Helping and befriending horses became a way of life for her. At eight years of age, Dr. Young started taking care of horses at the farms she grew up riding at. Her love of these giant animals made it very clear to her that she was destined for a career in veterinary medicine.

After working as an accountant for two years Dr. Young realized that the business world didn’t suit her completely. She joined the Army to travel and work toward changing her career to veterinary medicine. She continued to work at small animal hospitals in her free time, ride horses, and go to school at night to prepare for veterinary school. Dr. Young started veterinary school at Kansas State University just shortly after finishing her five years of active duty military service.

Upon graduation in 2008 from KSU with a DVM Dr. Young had an additional research interest in public health, wound healing, and pharmacology. She enjoys teaching and educating young adults and clients about animal health and veterinary medicine. She particularly enjoys working closely with pet owners to serve their animal companions’ needs. She is currently serving on the Jefferson County Animal Cruelty Task Force, working to decrease overpopulation of animals with Spay Neuter Now, and is certified in Tui Na (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Massage).

Dr. Young moved to Watertown in 2010 with her husband Joe while he was stationed at Fort Drum. They have three children Alexander, Colton, and Roran that are very active in sports and taking care of the animals on their small family farm. Scott the cat, is a funny short eared Scottish Fold, Louie otherwise known as “King Louie” the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Buckle was the first pony in the family that has now inspired Dr. Young and her family to begin riding and horse showing again. Harrison, the new pony will be Roran’s prize winner in the future. They also have a miniature donkey aptly named Donkey Girl. A sweet old donkey that moved in as well and helps watch over the place.

Dr. Kyle Stevenson

Dr. Kyle Stevenson is an Associate Veterinarian. She has always had a deep compassion for animals since finding a baby bird in elementary school. She brought it home in a shoe box so she could care for it. Once she was in high school Dr. Stevenson found she excelled in biology and was the only girl in the class not worried about the frog dissection lessons. Her path for veterinary medicine was born by mixing her fascination with science and her adoration of animals.

Dr. Stevenson grew up in the village of Dexter N.Y., as an only child, and graduated from General Brown High School. GO LIONS!. In 2002 Dr. Stevenson graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Animal Science and then an A.A.S. in Animal Management at J.C.C. in 2003. After being accepted at the Atlantic Veterinary College on Prince Edward Island in 2003, Dr. Stevenson graduated with her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine on the dean’s list in 2007 and received the Callie’s Compassionate Care Award at graduation.

Low-Stress Handling and Fear-Free Practice are two of Dr. Stevenson’s favorite aspects of veterinary medicine. She spends a lot of time to make sure our patients have the most positive experience that they can. She will crawl around on the floor, examining big dogs, try to keep cats in their carrier, sitting on the scale, or in the window sill. And she’s not above a little food bribery. Peanut butter or cheese anyone? Dr. Stevenson has a strong interest in veterinary oncology. Her own beloved dog “Potter” whom she had since veterinary school was lost after battling a very aggressive tumor in his heart. Dr. Stevenson works closely counseling clients through end of life decisions ensuring it is as peaceful as a process as possible.

To help with managing her grief after losing Potter and to honor his memory, Kyle formed Paws4Potter during the summer of 2016.  In June of 2017, it achieved 501(c)3 non-profit status, and it's mission is to raise awareness for pet cancer in our local communities and to raise funds for the National Canine Cancer Foundation.  You can learn more about Paws4Potter by visiting

After a busy office day Dr. Stevenson enjoys the company of her 16 years old chinchilla named Bug. She can be found at Zumba, Turbokick or walking. She will walk rain or shine every day! She has joined a 1,000 miles a year plan to put more miles on her shoes. If you see her around the county make sure to say hello!


Like many young girls growing up, Marissa developed a fondness for all things related to animals. Her interests in animal care started at an early age. She wanted a job where she could use strong client education skills, to help others, and spend time around adorable pets. Marissa is a Licensed Veterinary Technician at The Animal Doctors as well as a Certified Professional Pet Sitter. She is known to be cuddling with pets at all times of the day.

Marissa graduated from SUNY Delhi in 1996. She joined the hospital team in 2006. She has also completed coursework for professional dog training and pet sitting certification. Her pet sitting business Critter Sitters Personalized Pet Sitting Services continues to grow after 20 years. Personalized service is Marissa’s specialty and she does a great job in fulfilling both of these roles. When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs around the hospital, or around the county, Marissa enjoys spending time with her husband and animals. Her African Grey Ned-Bird was named after her favorite patient Ted-Bird. He brightens her days with comical talking, singing, and whistling. Their favorite game is to whistle the Indiana Jones theme song back and forth.


Our newest veterinary assistant Cortney manages to keep the Animal Doctors family running smoothly. Along with top-quality animal care, she keeps up on the cleanliness and organization of our facility. When Cortney is not at our office "putting out fires" she is training to rappell out of windows. Cortney serves our local community in a volunteer fire department as an Interior Firefighter. As a rescuer she has extensive training in firefighting, in order to provide safety for people, animals and property, and to give technical assistance to industries in need.

She is an amazing asset to our office team. Her personal passion, hard work, and dedication shines at the Animal Doctors in her attention to detail, willingness to help others, and eagerness to be a part of the team.

While at home, Cortney and her boyfriend, Nate, care for their energetic young dog Maverick, newly adopted cat Bandit, and her rabbit Hazel. Hazel came from a farm as an itty-bitty baby bunny. Hazel must be the only rabbit that doesn't like carrots! But she does like parsley, blueberries, and spending her spare time remodeling her cage.


Shannon wanted to be a veterinary technician for as long as she can remember. Her passion for animals began at home when growing up with Sam, her loyal German Shepherd. Active in the community, Shannon enjoys attending training classes with her German Shepherd Jarvis; where they are both learning so much.

For Shannon nothing is more satisfying than knowing she helped a family to take care of their cat or dog, and in turn that pet gave the family many years of wonderful companionship,

Shannon received her Veterinary Technician NYS license after graduating from Canton College in 1998. Her experience with small animals, avians and exotics, makes Shannon an invaluable resource for quality client relations such as discussing dental care for pets, routine wellness and nutrition guidance and pet behavior.

Shannon lives with her husband Jason and their two children Sawyer and Ava. Shannon and Jason were high school sweethearts and together they go camping, kayaking and enjoy the outdoors. Shannon is also known to craft and scrapbook her family memories.


Sandy, our exceptional client services receptionist will be the first one you meet when you arrive. Every day she strives to give clients a positive experience by providing excellent customer service. Sandy brought her beloved lab Mickey to see Drs Nina and Blair Harff and this convinced Sandy to join our team. In 2012, she became a part of the loving animal care team at The Animal Doctors. Sandy understands that your dog or cat is a part of your family. She is often found in the lobby cuddling and giving treats for the grand award of puppy love and kisses.

Sandy enjoys being an active community member and had a second job waitressing for fun. She lives in Chaumont with her husband Tom and they stay busy outdoors spending time with family. Maggie May, their young female black lab, loves to do everything with them, from boating and cook outs, to riding 4-wheelers and working in the yard. Sandy loves her weekly Zumba classes and has completed a few challenging outdoor “mud runs.” Her adult children Ricky, Derek, and Emmy, and three grandsons, Ayden, Cameron, and Amore are very active as well so she attends many of their sports activities all year round.


After a brief career in retail Dina knew she wanted a job where she could spend more time around adorable cats. Born and raised in Watertown and an Animal Dr’s client she joined our team in 1999. Her passion for animals shines through as our resident "cat whisperer." She is great at handling stressed cats in a gentle and comforting manner. Dina also enjoys working with geriatric patients and helping stray pets find homes. There are many areas that Dina excels in including, office management, reception, veterinary assistant, essentially our muscle as well as comic relief.

Dina shares her home with three cats, all of which were originally homeless strays. Stinkerbell, who actually has the sweetest disposition, is the oldest child with long hair and a great plume of a tail. She is often referred to as "Showgirl." Buttercup, the middle child is part Siamese with beautiful blue eyes. She is always getting into something and her nickname may as well be "What is the matter with you?" Trinity, better known as TT for "Tiny Terror," is the newest edition. She is a three-legged tuxedo cat whose disability does not stop her from getting into all sorts of mischief!

When she isn’t tending to her kitties needs Dina is very committed to a fit and active lifestyle. Kayaking is one of her favorite endeavors. She loves the outdoors, reading, listening to local music, and playing the piano.


For as long as she can remember Stacey wanted to work with animals. Born in Harrisville, NY, Stacey had small farm animals that she loved to care for including a litter box trained bunny named Carmel Corn. After perfecting her blood drawing skills at a veterinary oncology hospital in southern New York. Stacey was looking forward to returning home to be with her family and joined our team in 2014. Stacey loves talking to clients, developing special bonds with them, and discussing the proper ways to care for their pets.

Stacey had an impressive resume before arriving at The Animal Doctors. As a teen she volunteered her summers away at area veterinary hospitals and livestock farms. After graduating from Canton College as a Licensed Veterinary Technician Stacey worked in a veterinary ICU, a specialty referral hospital in the Albany area, and an oncology hospital in Yonkers, NY. Stacey is outgoing and friendly with knowledge to share for cancer treatment options, physical therapy, and general wellness education.

Stacey now lives in Harrisville and loves to be with her family and friends, especially her niece and nephews. Whenever there is a hiking ,walking, hunting, fishing, or a trip outside in the quietness Stacey can be found, in the mud,... and yes in pink camo.


Research says “Clients care more about (who you are) then how long your resume is.” Marissa Murphy cares more about those loving, squishy, smooshy, pet kisses, and faces. If there is an older dog she is on the floor with a closer look at that “grey old beautiful face”. Of course if you are visiting our office with a puppy?-- be careful she will scoop them up and run away with them for cuddles and puppy selfies.

Speaking of Cuddles that was the name of her lifelong kitty love. Marissa wanted to always have a loving cat in her life. Her new kitty Jax was an unaltered male stray injured cat that a coworker brought to the animal doctors for help. the two of them were love at first site.

Marissa like most of the north country is a licensed technician that graduated from SUNY Canton in 2017. The difference?! She has graduated with honors on the Dean’s List and also has a 4 year bachelors in veterinary technology. While at SUNY Canton she did adopt a “perfect” older Lab named Thelma. She was an emaciated, neglected, Heartworm Positive, rescue. After a big turn around she is heartworm negative, a bit overweight (don’t tell her), and she loves lounging and belly rubs at home.

She is passionate about raising awareness and knowledge of adopting pets. As far back as high school Marissa volunteered at our local SPCA on a regular basis. Currently she lives at home with her netherland dwarf rabbit “Bella”and her human family too. Mom an occupational therapist, Dad a contractor, and her older brother, a lineman.